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  • Wondering what's it like to be an intern at XiMnet Malaysia? Hear from our alumni about how the internship has impacted their lives.
    Making the most out of my internship at ximnet
    Lewis Teh, University College London (UCL)
Jodie Lu
RMIT University, Melbourne
I'd Never Regret This Brave Move
As a foreigner, it was a very daring move for me to go to Malaysia alone. It was also my first time abroad on my own, but because of AIESEC and the company, I felt at home.
Zheng Onn
University College London
A Proud XiMnetizen
In the midst of a hectic year in university, the fever of internship hunting struck me. I asked around for advice and stumbled upon XiMnet after hearing from Lewis, my university senior and a past intern in XiMnet. He talked me through 3 key points:- the vast learning opportunities available, the warm and cozy working environment, as well as the amazing people in XiMnet.
Krystal Phuar
University College London
Memories Made In XiMnet
As I am drafting this post, I remember the days I’ve dreaded to even think about this task as this means that my internship is coming to an end. Only typing this out on my very last day, I began to reminisce my days in XiMnet, the memories and people I will miss most.
Arshad Alwi
Multimedia University
A Day at XiMnet
Still under the sedative influence of the morning air, I enter the warmly lit hallway blanketed by a comfortable silence- save for the beep of the fingerprint scanner and thud of the magnetic entrance door: the office’s own little way of welcoming me back.
Max Lim
Multimedia University
A Never Ending Chapter
“Hi, I would like to apply an internship position in your company.” That was how I started my three-month internship at XiMnet. Three months is not a long time compared to my three years degree life but it’s enough to become a very important chapter of my life.
Sarah Tan
SMJK Katholik PJ
Internship After High School
Struggling to choose the right course after SPM while most of my friends already had an end in mind, I decided to give myself more time to think about the future lies ahead, just keep my pace.
Sarah-Mae Lee
SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ
Whispers of My Heart
The first time I talked to someone from the office, it was over Skype. She said “Hi! I'm your neighbor by the way, the office is too quiet to talk too loud”.
Jeng Chang
The One Academy
My Good Memories at XiMnet Malaysia
When the first time I walked into the office, I saw everyone working seriously but the next moment, one of them stood up and asked the other colleague “Hey! Did you catch that Pokemon?” I laughed.
Tenya Soh U-Ruo
The One Academy
I Survived and Conquered, Peeps
Before I came to XiMnet, I asked my lecturer about the company and he told me it’s cultivating. He is absolutely right about that. It has been a good 3 months here. The seniors and superiors here are always generous to share and provide me with help and guidance whenever I needed them.
Beryl Tan
The One Academy
Internship Myths Busted
I have been told often by others that internship is nothing exciting. All you get to do is to wait for time to pass by. Well, they are wrong. I have recently completed my three-month internship at XIMNET and guess what? I learnt a lot through my experience in working on real exciting projects and most importantly, I get to know the true meaning of a fulfilling life.
Nicholas Gew
The One Academy
My Internship
I am an intern at XIMNET from The One Academy, I am Nicholas Gew.
Lewis Teh
University College London
Making The Most Out of My Internship At XIMNET
After spending an hour and a half stuck in the notoriously congested KL traffic, I nervously walked into the office dressed in my best formal wear. I was greeted by one of the employees at the door.
Jiayu Ng
The One Academy
My Three-Month Roller Coaster Ride at XiMnet Malaysia
Jia Yu, a Multimedia student from The One Academy, joined XiMnet Malaysia back in February for three months for his industrial training. Let’s hear about his experience in being a part of the fast-paced team.
Aeron Tan
The One Academy
What You Can Expect From Your Internship at XiMnet
Aeron joined us as an intern back in February. As a multimedia student, he spent three months to learn about the ever-evolving digital industry. Wonder how is it like to be an intern at XiMnet? Read on :)
Joanne Chin
The One Academy
Being An Intern in XiMnet Malaysia
Joanne is an upcoming Multimedia graduate of The One Academy Malaysia. She spent three months of her internship with us and here’s a story of her experience as XiMnet’s team member.
Meiyee Lai
University Tunku Abdul Raman
My Internship in XiMnet Malaysia
Three months passed way faster than I thought it would be, but long enough for me to get to know everyone here and immerse into the warm and positive workplace culture.
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