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Still under the sedative influence of the morning air, I enter the warmly lit hallway blanketed by a comfortable silence- save for the beep of the fingerprint scanner and thud of the magnetic entrance door: the office’s own little way of welcoming me back. After having seen biometric security systems a countless number of times at the movies (top-secret government facilities, maximum-security prisons, etc.), this is the first place I’ve ever had the honour of having clearance to; and even after all this time the gesture of placing my thumb on the sensor and having the glass front doors unlock still makes me feel kind of special. I make my way through the office, grabbing a snack from the kitchen table along the way, and settle down into the desk that I would too soon leave.
The kitchen/snack table, also featuring a Cards Against Humanity deck!
The kitchen/snack table, also featuring a Cards Against Humanity deck!
And thus another day at work begins. During this three month period I have been able to witness a web application I worked on in the early stages of my internship now inch closer and closer into being deployed for use, which is not only a huge honour, but more importantly to me, gives meaning to the work that I have done here. I have had the opportunity to work on parts of the XTOPIA system, and those small portions on their own are many magnitudes larger than anything I’ve ever built back in school. Even more valuable, though, is the things I’ve learned from my seniors here in the office. They have been a big motivator for me, never failing to pick me up when I’m stuck in a rut, and a huge help throughout my learning experience here, fielding any questions I had with well-detailed answers, really making sure that I understood everything.

Being caught up in work for most of the morning, I look up to the clock and realise that the day has already reached its halfway mark. Once again, as with every other day at work, I am struck with what must be the hardest question known to Malaysian man: “Where to makan?”. While the office’s central location in Petaling Jaya means that there is no shortage of choices for a good (and reasonably priced!) lunch, it undeniably makes the decision that much harder. After several minutes of indecision, all the while putting up with a grumbling stomach, a few fellow XiMnetizens and I decide to leave the choice up to fate. We enter a list of nearby eateries into a random number generator and soon enough we’re off to eat.

The Archery Tag game in PJ
Nothing like a good lunch to reenergise!
With lunch in my stomach and out of the way, I spend the next few hours working, which I feel is plenty interesting, and I would love to talk more about it, however I doubt I can explain it in a way that would make you feel the same and so I will just skip right past it; the fun usually starts after 6, anyway. Despite me not being a very artistic person by default, the after-work activities, mostly involving some creative thinking skill planned by the fellow people at XiMnet, are always something I look forward to. It is during these activities that I have experienced many firsts, such as dabbling into origami to produce my very own bookmark and even gathering up my favourite things to produce a flatlay! 
The Archery Tag game in PJ
As the day comes to a close, I pack up my things and leave my desk. Reflecting upon my journey here at XiMnet as an intern, from way back to my first day when coming in and planting myself at a table from 9 to 6 was something new and strange, up until now where it has become second nature, there are many things I can look back upon fondly, many skills I have learned, and many ways I have grown. As I head home, I can only look forward to the day we meet again.
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