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Being An Intern in XiMnet Malaysia

Joanne is an upcoming Multimedia graduate of The One Academy Malaysia. She spent three months of her internship with us and here’s a story of her experience as XiMnet’s team member.

I could still remember the day I stepped into the office. I was excited, anxious, yet rather unsure if I could fit in. Three months passed faster than what I thought it would be, but was sufficient for me to dive deep into the work culture of XiMnet.

I am a Year 3 Multimedia Design student from The One Academy.I learn online media such as web and mobile applications, interactive media such as experiential design, user experience and interface design and production in college. With the knowledge I have learned, I was ready to take on the challenge of the creative industry, of so I thought.

Knowing that my design skill is not world-class (yet), I told Joe, my supervisor, during my interview, that I would like to take on front-end development role in the team. The job brief from my supervisor was both exciting and challenging. I was afraid that my lack of experience will disappoint the team. Lo and behold, things turned out to be much better than I expected! Here’s why:
Learning Is An Ongoing Process
During my Internship, I was guided in the process of managing several corporate clients’ websites under senior’s supervision, developing e-newsletters, creating icon and so much more. I was also given opportunities to attend meetings alongside with my supervisor. There you go. As long as you are open to learning new things, you can only get better.

Love-at-Work Culture Team members in XiMnet are friendly and always ready to help if needed. Their willingness to teach helped me to pick up new skills and work more effectively.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
You only lose out when you are too afraid (or in some cases, ego) to ask questions. In my task in building a microsite using XTOPIA, I learned by asking relentlessly. It wasn’t easy but with the help that I got from the team, I was able to produce something which was beyond my expectation.

Now I daresay that I am equipped for the future.
Above all, thank you, XiMnet, for all the joy and experience for the last three months
Above all, thank you, XiMnet, for all the joy and experience for the last three months
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