Life at XiMnet
A Never Ending Chapter
Shared by Max Lim
An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Max

XIMNET Internship program interview - Max

“Hi, my name is Max Lim. I would like to apply for an internship position in your company.”

That was how I started my three-months internship at XiMnet. Three months is not a very long time compared to my three years degree program but it’s enough to become a very important chapter of my life.

The connection between humans can be very intriguing. We can be connected through simple things or incidents like smiling and greeting someone. For XiMnet and me, it started with an email. I'm glad I wrote that email.

XiMnet is not a MNC like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc, but the vision and spirit of the people in XiMnet wouldn’t lose to these MNCs.

Yes, I said that.

A previous intern claimed that XiMnet is the Google of Malaysia. Frankly, I'd dare to agree with that.

I would like to describe the culture of XiMnet as “warm”.

Despite the freezing air-con (I have to wear a thick jacket to work, everyday), the “warmth” of the work environment is always there. The décor of the office is cozy and homey.

However, the “true warmth” of the working environment comes from the people in XiMnet.

The people in XiMnet are very friendly. Yes, extremely friendly!

Before I interned at XiMnet, I was given an assignment. It’s a simple drag and drop table with an accordion. I took quite a long time to complete it. Then, my senior programmer, Yap NW complimented my work. That surprised me. Maybe I seldom receive compliments as a person.

After I started interning in XiMnet, I realized that’s their culture. You will often get compliments from team-members when you finish your tasks or when you do something good.

Here’s one tip for those who want to intern at XiMnet. If you face any problems or challenges, just ask. That’s the lesson I learned. I once spent half a day working on something but found out later there’s already a solution. The problem was fixed in 10 minutes. After that incident, I realized that sometimes we just need to ask. Maybe I’m a computer science student and I am trained to solve problems all by myself, all this time.

XiMnet changed this habit of mine. The people in XiMnet are always ready to help each other and that's really wonderful.

Now, I've finished my three months internship at XiMnet.

I’m going back to my university for my final semester. I hope the people of XiMnet is able to achieve their vision of being a global company. I think they can do it.

Thank you, XiMnet!

Well, my internship with XiMnet is over but it’s just the end of MY INTERNSHIP.

You’ll see! ;-)
My surprise birthday party with my friends. Yea, they are not my colleagues. They are my friends at XiMnet.

My surprise birthday party with my friends. Yea, they are not my colleagues. They are my friends at XiMnet.

Bento lunch!!!!!!! A team that like to eat together.

Bento lunch!!!!!!! A team that likes to eat together.

First dinner with XiMnet. There's the birthday boy, Willy the boss.

First dinner with XiMnet. There's the birthday boy, Wiley the boss.

“The end is never the end. It's always the the beginning of something.”
― Kate Lord Brown, The Perfume Garden

Life at XiMnet

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