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An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Zheng Onn

XIMNET Internship program interview - Zheng Onn

In the midst of a hectic year in university, the fever of internship hunting struck me. I asked around for advice and stumbled upon XiMnet after hearing from Lewis, my university senior and a past intern in XiMnet. He talked me through 3 key points:- the vast learning opportunities available, the warm and cozy working environment, as well as the amazing people in XiMnet.

These aspects resonated well with what I expect out of an internship, hence I sent in my CV application and was contacted further for a Skype interview. After an exchange of emails post-interview, I secured myself a summer internship in July. All of these went down in December of the previous year. “So fast confirm already ah?” and “Huh, why not apply for others first?” were popular questions asked by my peers upon hearing my great news. Frankly, I asked myself these two questions too and struggled with the thought of applying for other internships or sticking with XiMnet. Eventually, I chose the latter after reading through experiences of past interns in XiMnet on their website. And boy, it sure was the right decision!

I can still recall the first day of work where I stepped lightly across the office to my workspace together with Krystal, who was another intern. We were so anxious about our first day to the point that we decided to discuss and coordinate our outfits the night before! It also certainly did not help to have 2 senior programmers who appeared to look very stern at first, mentor us throughout our assignments. However, as the days passed, we slowly began to accustom ourselves to the working environment and got to better know the people in XiMnet.
Our group photo in Port Dickson

Had a great time over lunch together with the XiMnetizens!

Our group photo in Port Dickson

Our group photo in Port Dickson

Celebrating Wee Shean’s birthday!

Celebrating Wee Shean’s birthday!

Although the 2 months I spent in XiMnet were short-lived, I grew into their close-knit family and had the best summer experience I could’ve asked for. I managed to pick up essential skills directly related to my course, which include data modelling a complex problem from scratch and developing clean reusable code that is of the industry standard. It gives a sense of satisfaction like no other when you see your solution being implemented into their system. And that is the beauty of XiMnet; the interns aren’t just there to do trivial tasks, they are Superinterns that take on perplexing real life problems. Furthermore, I’ve learnt handy techniques to tackle a problem from different approaches whilst having fun at it!

Speaking of fun, the company embodies the spirit of working hard and playing hard. Futsal and badminton sessions are held weekly, and special events like hiking trips and joke off competitions are held every other fortnight. I even had the chance to go on a company getaway trip to Port Dickson!

If I were to describe XiMnet in 3 words, they would be Ambitious, Passionate and Family. XiMnet is ambitious in the sense that they are pioneering the development of a truly unique product that would cause a digital disruption, named XTOPIA. The team here is passionate about what they do and they do it as a family, sharing laughter and adrenaline rush moments when a key project deadline approaches. For future interns, my advice to you is to keep your heart and mind open to learning, not only in terms of technical skills, but also the essence to striking a work life balance. I am and will always be a proud XiMnetizen. Thank you XiMnet, for one hell of a ride.
"Life is either a great adventure or nothing. "
― Hellen Keller

Life at XiMnet

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