Life at XiMnet
I Am A XIMNET Superintern!
Shared by Nicole Ho
A summary of Nicole's Experience as a Design Intern.

Company dinner at S’MORES

When I first stepped into the office, it was for the interview. My first thought was ‘wow this place looks nice’. It wasn’t anything that I expected, what I imagined was a typical, dull-looking grey office. Alas, I was just too nervous for my interview that I hadn’t really the focus to admire the cosy environment.

On the day I officially started my internship, I was once again really nervous. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to talk to my colleagues and my whole internship would be filled with awkwardness and dealing with things alone. But they surprised me with how nice and friendly they are. I’m very thankful for Melvin who started up a conversation with me on my first day.

Everyone here is super nice. Whenever I have any technical difficulties, Yap, Melvin, and Hui Sheng are always there to help. I was also able to enhance my design skills thanks to Joe, Suet Ying and Wee Shean. I’ve even been treated with drinks (Starbucks!) and given some gifts.

Gifts from Joe

I’ve got to admit, the first few weeks of my time interning here was really busy and oftentimes I find myself quite stressed. Around my third week in XiMnet, I finally got the hang of things and it became much easier for me, especially with the amount of help and support I get from my seniors (particularly Wee Shean and Suet Ying) and my supervisor, Joe. Never be afraid to ask whenever you feel stuck or if you have any questions, they are all very patient and willing to help.

It isn’t just work in Ximnet. Every week, they have a workout session as well as this activity called ‘One Thing Wednesday’ (which as the name suggests, usually happens every Wednesday), where you share about a personal topic of interest. I got to learn a lot of random facts about random things from the people who shared about them. I too, had also participated and got to share about a topic concerning axolotls.

You’ll never go hungry as you’re working because the pantry is always filled with snacks, varying from sweets to chips to bread and many others.
Snacks on the snack table
In the two short months of my internship, I managed to:
  1. Learn how to use XTOPIA
  2. Design various social media posts
  3. Design banners for clients
  4. Update clients’ websites

I was even brought along to a meeting and got to experience what it was like to see how we interact with a client!

In summary, my life in XiMnet was busy and enjoyable. We were sometimes invited to join for company lunches and dinner, and the food was always so good too! I will definitely miss my time in XiMnet and the people as well. I am very happy to have been a part of XIMNET for these two months. It has certainly been a delightful and enriching experience for me.

Thank you, everyone for the memorable time and for guiding me throughout my entire internship. I look forward to meeting again in the future :)

Life at XiMnet

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