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An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Tenya Soh

Before I came to XiMnet, I asked my lecturer about the company and he told me it’s cultivating. He is absolutely right about that. It has been a good 3 months here. The seniors and superiors here are always generous to share and provide me with help and guidance whenever I needed them. 

Though it gets really busy on some days, there is always a schedule planned out by them to get us out of the usual working routine with sports and gatherings. All these effort done helped with the bonding and understanding of each other a little more.
Super futsal team from XiMnet
Super futsal team from XiMnet
I have certainly learnt a lot throughout my internship period here, things that used to be out of my interest range, reality checks and how it actually is like to be working in the industry. I really appreciate all the chances and being able to contribute a little to every project that I was a part of.
The Archery Tag game in PJ
The Archery Tag game in PJ 

Thank you all for the great experience and advices that was provided for me. It will be fun to keep in touch in the future ;)

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