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Internship After High School
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An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Sarah Tan

XIMNET Internship program interview - Sarah Tan

Struggling to choose the right course after SPM while most of my friends already had an end in mind, I decided to give myself more time to think about the future lies ahead, just keep my pace.

When I first stepped into XiMnet, I was intimidated by the quietness despite the fact that the office looks cosy and welcoming. Nevertheless, once I know my colleagues better, they are genuinely nice and warm. I am a quiet person so normally I would just smile and listen at their conversations. Since I was taught to respect your members and superior in my uniform body, I was shocked that they address each other by names only. They are like a loving family, they joke around a lot. I enjoyed being an intern in XiMnet as the people and environment strike the right balance between professionalism and friendliness.
I have learned front-end coding, getting a hold of the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, updating contents, doing research as well as building a website using XTOPIA. Though many challenges surfaced while carrying out my task, my colleagues helped me a lot in solving the problems, answering my questions, giving me advices as well as teaching me to make full use of online resources.
The Archery Tag game in PJ

Birthday celebrations~

The Archery Tag game in PJ

Self-portrait and Creative thinking sessions

Building a microsite from scratch at first sounds terrifying to me as I have never learned programming before. Other than that, designing the microsite was also a challenge to me because I see myself as an unimaginative person *laugh cries*. Nevertheless, under much guidance of Josephine and Melvin, I have completed my first microsite! Thank you so much!

Being an intern at XiMnet has definitely encouraged holistic development in me. Thank you for having me on board, XiMnet Malaysia.

Interview session

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."
― Sir Edmund Hillary

Life at XiMnet

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