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Making The Most Out of My Internship At XIMNET
Shared by Lewis Teh
An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Lewis Teh

XIMNET Internship program interview - Lewis Teh

After spending an hour and a half stuck in the notoriously congested KL traffic, I nervously walked into the office dressed in my best formal wear. I was greeted by one of the employees at the door. Thinking that I’m one of their clients, she showed me to the waiting area. After a prolonged period of awkwardness, a casual-looking man, walked in with his basic tee and jeans. He said to me: “you know who I am right? Don’t need wear so formal tomorrow la”. That was Wiley, the CEO of XIMNET Malaysia.

Thus were my first moments in the company.
As it is my first time officially working at a proper company, I had an impression that the workplace is customary to uncomfortable formal clothing, cold conversations, and just hours of minding your own business. XIMNET totally contradicted that unattractive idea; the employees are friendly, passionate, and full of energy; the place has sense of professionalism, yet has the decor of a homely setting; there is even a studio within the office with a full set of musical equipment to jam.
Lunch Hour with Lewis and the rest

Celebrating my 19th birthday with XIMNET

I am a first year Physics major from University College London (UCL). Having no formal education in computer science, I had only the very basic knowledge about programming. The company however, gave me an opportunity to challenge myself. Making use of the logical approach and problem solving skills obtained within my syllabus, I was able to apply it to the field of computer science.

Within the two months I had in this company, I have secured a great deal of knowledge for my programming arsenal. Guided by programming expert, Yap, and the technical head, Teow, I was exposed to the entire spectrum of web-development, from front-end fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, to the back-end logic of databases. Outside of programming, I was also given the chance to sit in on project tenders, business deals, and internal development meetings.

The best part about interning at XIMNET is that the work I do actually impacts the company. Modules that I’ve coded are implemented into their system, and used by their end-users. This form of responsibility gave me a rewarding sense of being a part of something much greater than myself.

The one advice I would give to anyone who would want to intern at, or to join this company, is to have a burning thirst to learn.
"This is truly the Google of Malaysia, I told myself.”
― BSc Physics, 2nd Year of UCL

Life at XiMnet

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