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An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Krystal

XIMNET Internship program interview - Krystal

As I am drafting this post, I remember the days I’ve dreaded to even think about this task as this means that my internship is coming to an end. Only typing this out on my very last day, I began to reminisce my days in XiMnet, the memories and people I will miss most.

From having mini panic attacks days before my internship started, till the day I have to present my internship experience to the team, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from everyone in XiMnet. Not only have I learned about programming, but life lessons as well. 

Looking back, it was silly to even worry about the trouble of settling in XiMnet. The people in XiMnet have been extremely welcoming since the first day. Taking the advice from previous interns, I always seek advice whenever I am stuck on a task. In return, I’ve gained much more than what I thought I already knew. xiMnet has also given me the feeling of home, away from home. The pantry was the place to turn to whenever I felt the slightest bit of hunger.
Birthday dinner

Had a fruitful watercolour workshop sponsored by XiMnet Malaysia.

Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner together!

The tasks given to me were way more challenging than how I thought they would be, but it has also made me step out from my comfort zone and achieve what I thought was impossible. Thanks to the team, I’ve learned to code in Javascript and VB.NET. The experience from some of the tasks were quite memorable. I would always be thinking about my tasks while driving back home and get a rush of excitement when I figured out a solution to my problems. I would wake up early the next morning and rush to office to implement them.

Contributing to XTOPIA has made me feel proud of myself as I know the work and effort I put into my tasks have not gone to waste. I am also honoured to be involved in what I believe will be the game changer in the internet and programming industry.

If you are planning to intern at or join XiMnet, my advice to you is to always be curious and remember to have lots of fun!
"Braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.”
― Paulo Coelho

Life at XiMnet

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