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An Interview with Our SuperIntern, Jeng Chang

XIMNET Internship program interview - Jeng Chang

When the first time I walked into the office, I saw everyone working seriously but the next moment, one of them stood up and asked the other colleague “Hey! Did you catch that Pokemon?” I laughed.

I’m Jeng, studying Multimedia in The One Academy. Currently Diploma Year 3. On the first day of my internship, I was nervous but thanks to my lovely colleagues, I felt better because all of them were really nice to Tenya and I. When we knew where was our working space I was surprised, because it looked cute and comfy (a little small) but good enough for the both of us. A few days later, we got used to it and enjoyed our “private” space very much. *laughs*

There was something special about XIMNET. It is that they have lots of special events. The most memorable event for me was definitely #LoveAtWork. First, you pick a random colleague name from a “magic crystal ball” then, you will need to do something good to that colleague you picked.
LoveAtWork from Sim

#LoveAtWork from Sim

I got a postcard and memo sticker from our Sim who likes stationary like me too. She asked one of our colleague to put my gift on top of a mega cabinet and she stuck a memo on my laptop screen as a hint to me where my gift was. In the end, I still need someone’s help to get the gift for me because it was really too high. *laugh*

In XiMnet it’s really hard to find a moment when you are free because you will get a lot of tasks but the same time that means you can learn a lot of stuff. For me I’ve enhanced my skill set like front-end coding (Specially thanks to Melvin and Jinyong) and also some design skill (Thanks to Joe, Suet Ying and Sim).
My LoveAtWork

My #LoveAtWork

Do not worry if you meet any challenges. Voice out and your seniors will stand by and help you through. I am really happy to be a part of XIMNET for these three months. Thank you, XiMnet, for all these good memories!
Setup for the Xmas Party

Setup for the Xmas Party

Life at XiMnet

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